What to Expect During a Mock CQC Inspection

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What to Expect During a Mock CQC Inspection

16 April 2019
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If you are in the healthcare industry, you know about CQC inspections and services. These services help to determine the quality of your healthcare and patient support. Various inspections are conducted and a final report is given. One way that you can better prepare for this type of inspection is to request mock CQC inspection services. If you aren't sure how these services work, here are a few things to expect.

Streamlining of Information

The first thing that will be inspected is the streamline of information and communication between departments. For example, consider when you have a patient check in where information is inputted into the system. This should bring up any file they have with the patient. That file should be accessible to the departments they will visit such as radiology or oncology. When the appointment is completed, the information should be updated in the system and sent to billing. The idea is that when the patient leaves, their entire visit is properly entered and updated so the coding, billing and medical history are updated. If there is a problem, such as a department being unable to access information or improper billing is done, the inspection will notate the issue.

Surgery Care

An area that can be difficult to update is your surgery care. You need to make sure the area is clean, well stocked and ready for the proper surgery. There are times when communication can fail or other issues can occur that make the surgery care unit fall below inspection guidelines. For example, you may have a communication error that leads to the room being set up improperly. You may also have an issue with the patient not feeling comfortable for the surgery. This can all come up during an inspection. The inspector will watch the process or may even set up a process to see how your team flows and communicates. They may also observe through cameras placed in the area so they can inspect all aspects of the room.

Emergency Care

Emergency care is the most chaotic area of any medical facility. This is where most inspectors for mock CQC inspection services find issues. You need to expect the inspection team to walk through the area and to monitor certain activities with nursing staff and other staff members. They are looking for everything from how the patients are spoken to and cared for to wait times and cleanliness. This is an area that can make or break an inspection and should be looked at carefully.

These are just a few things to expect during a mock CQC inspection. If you think this would benefit you in preparing for an actual CQC inspection, contact your local service provider. They can help with questions you have and with other attributes of the inspection. They can also help discuss the results of the mock inspection and areas you can work on.